Do You Have a Plan for a Stress-Free Holiday Season?

The Christmas holiday season is a much-needed break for many, offering a chance to recharge for the upcoming year, especially after the challenges we’ve faced. However, for business owners, this period can bring added stress without careful cash-flow planning.

Even if your business continues operating during the holiday shutdown, customer financial behavior may change, affecting revenue streams.

Here are some key strategies to navigate this time effectively:

  1. Set Holiday Break Dates: Confirm holiday closure dates with staff, customers, and suppliers to manage expectations.
  2. Plan for Annual Leave: Factor in higher pay rates for staff taking annual leave, as well as statutory public holidays.
  3. Decide on Leave Payments: Determine whether you’ll pay out leave in full at the beginning of the break or continue regular payments throughout.
  4. Review Work in Progress (WIP): Plan to complete jobs or services that can be invoiced and paid before Christmas to ensure cash flow.
  5. Capacity Planning: Anticipate a rush to finish tasks before the holidays and ensure you have the capacity to maximise on this opportunity.
  6. Stock-Take: Assess if additional stock is needed to fulfill pending orders or projects before the break.
  7. Tax Office Arrangements: If you’re facing financial difficulties, consider negotiating an instalment arrangement with the Tax Office to manage payments during the holiday period.

If financial support is needed, consider the following options:

  • Cash-Flow Forecasting: Seek assistance with cash-flow forecasting to better manage finances during the holiday season.
  • Budgeting: Develop a budget to allocate resources effectively during this period.
  • Finance Applications: Explore short-term finance options to alleviate immediate financial strains.

Remember, careful planning and proactive measures can help ease financial stress during the holiday season. If you require assistance with cash-flow forecasting, budgeting, or finance applications, don’t hesitate to reach out for support.


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