Self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) are a popular vehicle for managing superannuation assets.
As accredited SMSF Specialist advisers, we can help you manage your SMSF with the minimum of fuss and absolute confidence. So how can we help you take control of your superannuation?

Rather than leaving the investment decisions up to others, you have control over how your funds are invested and how your fund operates. This means you are in charge of your hard earned money. We make sure that all the groundwork is in place ready for you to take control over your retirement savings.

Instead of being put into a tick-box option with the big funds, you have the flexibility to deciding how to contribute to your fund, how to invest and how to take your money out. Our job is to make sure you know what is and isn’t allowed as well as to give you tailored strategies so that you can maximise opportunities at every step of your SMSF journey.

Cost efficiency
SMSFs can be really cost effective, depending on the amount held. Instead of wasting thousands of dollars on the big impersonal funds, we help you to make sure you are getting value for money through the strategies implemented for your SMSF.

The big funds are pretty limited in their investment options. Having an SMSF widens the investment options at your disposal; our role is to apply our expertise in helping you select the best investments that fit your circumstances and your long-term plans.

Protecting your hard earned wealth is really important and an SMSF can be a key component. We review your structure and provide you with solutions to determine how best your assets can be protected.

Tax advantages
Like all complying superannuation funds, SMSFs enjoy the lowest rate of tax of any tax structure in Australia. We help you to take full advantage of this preferred tax status through combining protection, investment and contribution strategies that suit you in providing real long term benefit.

Trustees are permitted to borrow but this can be complicated. As experts in this area, we guide you in what you can and can’t do in making sure that any leverage strategies will provide you with great outcomes over time.

SMSFs are brilliant in allowing family members to combine their assets and grow them for retirement and even tax effective distribution to family members later on. We assist through ensuring your SMSF and broader estate plans work together so that all the above benefits continue long after retirement for you and your family.

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