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Step 8 of Building a Better Business – Cultivate meaningful networks and connections

Build strong networks to generate referrals. Referrals are the easiest way to generate new business, and building strong networks is a great way to generate referrals. Networking and referrals are cost effective ways to grow, as the return on investment […]

Step 7 of Building a Better Business – Seek impartial accountability

Get someone independent to hold you to account. Have you ever set a New Year’s resolution and then reset the same one again the following year? So, how can we increase our chances of successfully achieving our goals? Accountability. The […]

Step 6 of Building a Better Business – Enhance your leadership skills

Being a better leader and building a strong workplace culture is crucial to having a better business. Have you ever asked yourself if your workplace is toxic? With the average person spending more than 40,000 hours of their life at […]

Step 5 of Building a Better Business – Establish a robust organisational structure

Once you have a clear Business Plan, the next step is to get your business structure right. Your ideal structure will allow your business to become more efficient and achieve economies of scale. This will mean that your bottom line […]

Step 4 of Building a Better Business – Develop a strategic plan

You know what you want from your business; it’s time to plan how to get it. Start by deciding what you want personally from your business. For example, if you need $100,000 p.a. to cover your living costs and a […]

Step 3 of Building a Better Business – Objectively assess your current situation

Defining exactly where you are now – warts and all – is crucial to building a better business. This step is often overlooked, but you must know your starting point to create the best route to success. It sounds so obvious, but […]

Step 2 of Building a Better Business – Embrace Change

It’s amazing what we, as humans, don’t even know that we don’t know. Being open to change and new learning is a crucial step to building a better business. New learning opportunities are everywhere, and in this digital world, there’s […]

The First Step in Crafting a Stronger Business: Defining Your Goals Clearly

What is your vision of a thriving business? Before embarking on the journey of building a better business, it’s crucial to define your version of success. Be unequivocal about your aspirations for your business. Remember, your business should serve you, […]

Ten Steps to Boost Your Business

Congratulations on embarking on the journey of entrepreneurship – it’s a testament to your courage and commitment. Running a business is no easy feat, and there may be moments when doubts creep in. But always remember, you ventured into this […]

Boost Your Numbers by Managing Costs

A straightforward approach to bolstering your business’s financial health is by trimming expenses. As the owner, you have the power to dictate where, how much, and how frequently you spend. However, reducing overhead costs isn’t always straightforward. Fixed costs, also […]

Boost your numbers by Increasing your Sales Conversion Rate

It’s crucial to not only generate new leads but also convert them into customers effectively to maximise your return on investment in marketing efforts. Here are 5 straightforward methods to boost your sales conversion rate: Many business owners lack formal […]

Boost your numbers by Improving Customer Retention

The most effective and economical method of business growth is to prioritise customer satisfaction and retention. Unfortunately, this crucial strategy is often overlooked as we tend to take our customers for granted. To refocus on your existing customers, it’s essential […]

Boost Your Numbers by Increasing Transaction Value

The constant pursuit of acquiring new customers can sometimes divert attention from nurturing existing ones, leading to a downward spiral in sales. This cycle typically involves ramping up marketing efforts while overlooking the needs of current customers. The resulting pressure […]

Boost Your Figures by Enhancing Transaction Frequency

Have you ever calculated the average spend per customer in your business? It’s a simple calculation: divide your total sales for a given period (e.g., 12 months) by the total number of transactions or invoices during that period. Understanding your […]

How to boost your numbers by generating more leads

Attracting new customers, or leads, is crucial for growing your business. However, how you go about generating these leads is equally important. Consider the STEP approach to lead generation to ensure quality leads without overspending on your marketing budget. STEP […]

Maintaining Your Personal Budget: How to Stay on Course

You’ve taken the important first step of creating your personal budget for the year. However, it’s crucial not to simply set it and forget it if you want to achieve your financial goals. Without monitoring your progress, your spending habits […]

Building a Personal Budget

As a business owner, it’s essential you prepare a Personal Budget each year. Instead of being confining, a Personal Budget should be liberating as you can spend guilt-free, knowing other money has been allocated to your expenses. Think of it […]

Steps to Creating Your Personal Budget

A personal budget serves as a financial roadmap, guiding how you allocate your income towards expenses, savings, and debt repayments. Contrary to the misconception of restriction, it’s a liberating tool that empowers guilt-free spending, knowing your expenses are accounted for. […]

The Surprising Benefits of Creating a Personal Budget

Creating and sticking to a personal budget is crucial for taking charge of your finances. Contrary to popular belief, budgeting isn’t about restricting yourself; it’s about freeing up your money so you can make informed spending decisions.

Enhance Your Business Goal Setting Through Thoughtful Reflection

As you embark on this new year with a sense of relaxation and rejuvenation, it’s essential to take a moment to reflect on the past year. By looking back, you can gain valuable insights that will help you set more […]