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Grow your numbers – Increase leads generated

No one can deny that to grow your business you must attract new potential customers (or leads). It’s how you generate these leads that’s important though. STEP is a lead generation acronym to help you generate quality leads without pointlessly blowing […]

Know your numbers – Your Profit and Loss Report

Understanding your numbers is critical if you want to control your business (instead of your business controlling you). Financial reports indicate whether your business is in good or poor health and can diagnose weaknesses before something becomes terminal. Let’s break […]

Grow your numbers – Control overhead expenses

One of the simplest ways to grow your bottom line is to tighten your belt and spend less. As the business owner, you get to choose what you spend, with who, how often, and how much. However, as simple as […]

Know your numbers – Drilling down on your margins

Gains can always be made at the margins. These small incremental gains over a month or a year can have a significant impact on your bottom line. This could be additional profit you make from a single project, a single product […]

Grow your numbers – Increase your transaction frequency

Have you ever done the maths on your average spend per customer?That is, how much your customers spend (on average) each time they buy from you. Simply take your total sales for any period (e.g. 12 months) and divide this […]

Know your numbers – Your Trading Account

Your financial reports depict the general health of your business and having a good understanding of these reports enables you to pinpoint areas that require a more detailed diagnosis. The three most important financial reports for your business are: Your Trading Account. […]

Grow your numbers – Improve customer retention

The simplest and most cost-effective way to grow your business is to retain your customers by keeping them happy. Unfortunately, we often take customers for granted and overlook this strategy. The most practical way to bring the focus back to […]

Grow your numbers – Increase transaction value

The endless pursuit of new customers to grow a business often distracts us from looking after our existing ones. This pursuit can unintentionally cause a downward spiral. Spending more on marketing, while neglecting existing customers (and their sales needs), can […]

Your critical numbers

The Covid-19 crisis has created a “new normal” for businesses. Traditional ways of working are being challenged and we now need to innovate, adapt, re-engineer, and reinvent the way we work. Lockdown gave us time to consider our options, but […]

Do You Know What Reimbursements Your Employees are Claiming For?

It’s unfortunate, but employee expense claims are a common form of business fraud. Are you across all your employees’ claims for reimbursement? The best thing you can do to minimise expense claim fraud is to implement a process for reviewing […]

Company Director? You’ll need a Director Identification Number from now on

What is a Director Identification Number? During 2021, the government initiated a new system that attaches a unique identifying number to an individual who is a company director. A director has one number permanently attached to them, and this is […]

The temporary fuel excise cut for petrol and diesel

At 7:30pm (AEDT) on 29 March 2022, the Treasurer Josh Frydenberg handed down the 2022-23 Federal Budget. One of the main items in this budget is a temporary cut to fuel excise by 50% for 6 months. From 12:01am on […]

Fundamental three to successfully scale up your business

There are three fundamentals to successfully scale up your business: having a clear organisation structure, having comprehensive systems, and developing great leadership. Heard the quote, “What got you here won’t get you there”? These are wise words (and the title […]

2022-23 Federal Budget Highlights

The Federal Treasurer, Mr Josh Frydenberg, handed down the 2022–23 Federal Budget at 7:30 pm (AEDT) on 29 March 2022. In an economy emerging from the pandemic, the Treasurer has confirmed an unemployment rate of 4% and an expected budget […]

Fundamental two to successfully scale up your business

There are three fundamentals to successfully scale up your business: having a clear (and documented) organisation structure, having comprehensive systems and processes, and developing great leadership. With growth comes growing pains. Such pains can affect team morale as well as […]

Fundamental one to successfully scale up your business

Growth brings increased opportunity, but at the same time, increases risk. Poorly managed risk can cause failure, even if the business is growing. So, how do we plan for success in a fast-growing business? There are three fundamentals to successfully […]

Selling Your Value Webinar

We’ve all encountered a salesperson who pressured us to buy something we didn’t need, damaging our trust and brand perception. In this complimentary webinar, you’ll learn powerful sales techniques that will boost your conversion rate, without pressuring customers to buy.

How’s the forecast looking for your business?

Whenever we’re going on holiday or have plans for the weekend, we always check the weather forecast so we can plan accordingly. It’s no different in business. The forecast tells us if there’s bad weather (poor cashflow) in store based […]

Understanding the Basics of Personal Income Tax

Australian residents pay income tax on all forms of income, after a tax-free threshold of $18,200. Tax is calculated at four different rates according to how much income you earn each year, and the tax rate increases the more you […]

Understanding the Basics of Business Taxes

Different business structures pay taxes in different ways. Although there are many taxes that a business might be affected by, the main ones are goods and services tax, income tax, pay as you go withholding tax for employees, payroll tax […]