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Start your year off in the performance zone

Getting back into work after a break can be hard. You might be struggling to get back into your routine and engage your brain in work. Or, perhaps you spent time setting your goals and planning your year and you’re full speed raring to go. There is, however, an optimum approach […]

Set better goals with effective reflection

You made it to 2020! You’re relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to crack on with the new year. But before you race ahead, look back for a moment to learn from the year that was, in order to set more meaningful goals.

Achieving financial freedom

When you started in business, what did you imagine your lifestyle would be? How does your current lifestyle compare? Many business owners assume that after a few years in business they should be able to achieve another financial milestone such as buying a house, upgrading the car or taking the family […]

The purpose of an Organisation Chart

Your Organisation Chart forms the spine of your business; it holds the business upright and provides the link between the shareholders and business activities. If the brain is the shareholders, the ideas from the brain filter down through the spine to the arms and legs to implement what the brain wants. […]

What is more important – Profit or Cash

Do you understand the difference between profit and cash? Are you improving your profits but not seeing an improvement in your bank balance? We can help you increase both your profit and your cash! There’s a massive difference between profit and cash. Let’s explore the differences to make a better plan […]

Want more money, more time or less stress?

We believe our clients all deserve the three freedoms: Financial Freedom; Time Freedom; and Mind Freedom. In other words, more money and time to spend on important things outside of their business, along with less stress. Is your business stifling your freedom? Being in business is tough. At times, you might […]

Happy New Year

Thank you for your business in 2019. We wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year.. and if you do end up making a new year’s resolution or two, just make sure you don’t tell anyone. It makes it much harder to break them! Happy Holidays! We look forward to working […]

Give yourself a present this Christmas

Get outside for a walk! Owning and working in a small business can eat up all your spare time. Exercise or time for yourself is often the first thing that is abandoned to fit in the many other things you have to do in a day. And while many of us […]

Have you got a strategy for a financially stress free holiday period?

Holiday breaks are a time to spend with family, friends & have a chance to recharge for the year ahead. But, for a business owner this time can be stressful without careful cash flow planning. Even if you do continue to operate through the holiday shutdown season, your customers’ financial behavior […]

10 steps to achieving balance this holiday break

It’s that time of year again when most of us are winding down and heading off for a well deserved break. Here’s our daily top 10 things to help you maximise your holiday! Every day strive for: 1 hour of exercise. 2 litres of water. 3 cups of tea (may be […]

Christmas Parties and Tax

Christmas is a splendid time to acknowledge and reward your employees and other associates by celebrating and giving gifts. But don’t get caught out by entertainment rules! Claiming entertainment and gifts as business expenses is not always straight-forward, as there are implications for GST, income tax and fringe benefits tax (FBT). […]

Communication is the key to business success

Effective communication will help you develop a stronger rapport, make you memorable & enable you to read people better. From active listening to reframing your message to ensure it’s received, where should you stretch? You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Effective communication will help you develop […]