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Business Recovery Planning Webinar

Right now, it’s ‘Business Unusual’ as businesses reopen after the Covid-19 crisis and adapt to an unfamiliar environment. We’re on the frontline of business support and we’re doing all we can to help our clients get to a new ‘Business as Usual’.

The first cause of poor cashflow – Your cash lockup

There’s a massive difference between profit and cashflow. Profit increases when you create an invoice for work you’ve done or goods you’ve sold; cash increases when you bank the money. Your lockup equals the cash that isn’t in your bank account because it’s either in work in progress (you’ve done some […]

Are you paying too much tax?

Paying tax is an inevitable part of doing business. The more your income grows, the more tax you’re liable to pay. You’re rewarded for your success with a bigger tax bill. While we don’t want our clients to avoid paying tax or evade the tax department. We do want our clients […]

COVID talk is everywhere. How do you stay focused on your business?

The information overload is real. The ramifications of Covid-19 on businesses are being felt and speculated upon every minute of each day – probably leaving you feeling like a rabbit caught in the headlights.

How do you ask for payment during a crisis?

Cash has always been king, but it’s more important to your business now than ever. Follow our strategies to ensure you continue getting paid in these uncertain times.

We would love to work together to ensure you get the government support you need

Your feedback at our JobKeeper Update webinar was great, thanks for that. How are you going with your implementation plan? It’s time for the rubber to hit the road. Give us a call if you need any help. Having someone independent to hold you to account does work. It was great […]

An important summary of the JobKeeper scheme

It’s tough for businesses right now. Covid-19 info is coming at you from all directions. Join our webinar where we’ll cover the important government support available to businesses and show you how it works in practice to ensure business survival.

Preserving your business through lockdown

After the shock of going into lockdown and either temporally closing or moving business operations to working from home, it’s time to consider your business’s next steps. How you support your customers and suppliers now will impact how you work together in future. We’re all in this together and now is […]

Supporting your family and team through the lockdown

Many of our clients have been busy ‘firefighting’ and haven’t had a chance to document a clear plan beyond this critical phase. Hopefully the initial shock of going into lockdown is fading and you have capacity to consider what you can do to mitigate the impact of Covid-19 on your family […]

Cash is King. How can you keep Cash Flow Strong in Tough Times?

Small businesses are very vulnerable in tough times. In a tough market it is probable that everything will slow down. Debtors can pay less quickly, turnover can fall, cash from profits may reduce and your bank may be less inclined to lend. In short, cash is limited. This is a little […]

Covid-19 Business Update – Fact Sheets

I want to say a huge thank you for all your phone calls and emails since my post from yesterday.  It is so special for me to be able to provide some sort of support to all of you through this incredibly difficult time, both financially and emotionally. To follow on […]

Adelaide Businesses, What Do The Government’s Covid-19 Announcements Mean To You?

Over the weekend, the Government announced further measures to assist individuals and small businesses with the significant financial repercussions being caused by the Coronavirus.  Read on has to what these mean for you.