Five A’s of Change

So I think we agree that to get a different result in your business, you have to make some changes.  But change is not easy. 

Let’s have some fun.  Stand up.  Now sit down if you didn’t make any New Year’s resolutions this year – this is the same as having no plan in your business (having a plan is essential). 

If you did make New Year resolutions, sit down if you haven’t shared your resolutions with someone else to help hold you accountable to them.  Sit down if you have broken them at all this year.  Be honest. 

So, as I expected, you are probably now sitting down but if I’m wrong – congratulations!!!  What I’m going to say today will resonate very well with you I’m sure.  If you were one of the many that read this who sat down quickly, you really need to hear what I am saying today and other the coming series of articles if you really want to have improved results this year.

The Five A’s of Change:

  1. Awareness.

I know if I don’t do this (make the changes in my business that I need to), the business will be impacted and my profit will drop.

2. Acceptance.

I accept that for me to grow my business, I must free up my time and empower my team.

3. Action.

The action I will take is to get my Business Plan in order so I can keep on track this year.

4. Accountability.

I need someone independent to hold me to account or it just won’t happen.

5. Acknowledgement.

I have some bad habits to break – I need to give myself and my team positive reinforcement when the changes are actioned.

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