Encouraging your team back to the office

So, let’s talk about how COVID has totally changed the work landscape.

During the pandemic, working from home (WFH) became the norm and people loved the freedom it brought. In fact, a recent survey showed that 61% of WFH folks choose to do so, even if their office is open. But we also need to find a balance between WFH and collaborating in person at the office. That’s where hybrid working comes in – splitting our time between the two.

But how do we convince our peeps to come back to the office and see the benefits of having a central workspace?

What made people ditch the office in the first place?

Well, the Covid-19 pandemic really shook things up. We had cloud technology and remote work options for a while, but the pandemic pushed WFH as a viable everyday choice.

And here’s what happened:

City escape – Lots of folks decided to ditch the city life and move to the suburbs or countryside. With WFH and cloud tech, they felt no need to stick around in the city. This meant no more long commutes, saving money on travel, and extra time in their day.

Property frenzy – The exodus to greener pastures led to skyrocketing property prices in the suburbs, with everyone craving a cozy house. On the flip side, big office buildings in the city stood empty, wasting money on rent and mortgage payments for companies.

So, how do we entice our team back from their suburban abodes to the office?

People have gotten super comfortable working from their kitchen tables. If you want them back in the office, you need to step it up and create a workspace that offers more than just a desk. The office has to feel like a positive upgrade, not a downgrade from WFH.

Here are five ideas to make it happen:

  1. Spruce up your space – Can you rearrange things and add different work zones? Create a hotdesking area, cozy breakout spots, and informal areas to give the office a homey vibe.

2. Throw in some perks – Make the office experience worth it! Offer goodies like free coffee, fresh fruit, or even gym memberships and bike-to-work schemes for those who spend a certain number of hours at HQ each week.

3. Face-to-face time – As handy as video calls are, they can stifle creativity. So, encourage more in-person meetings. Have your internal and client catch-ups face-to-face. It’s a great way to spark ideas and bond as a team.

4. Embrace mentoring – Remote workers miss out on face-to-face mentorship. Pair up senior and junior staff members for mentoring days at the office. Consider hosting training sessions and “lunch ‘n’ learns” to help everyone level up their skills.

5. Think outside the box – To lure people back, you gotta make it fun! How about a “Bring your pet to work” day? Or organize charity events, sports activities, quizzes, cooking classes – anything that breaks the monotony of working alone at home.

So the work landscape has shifted but we can still make the office an inviting place to be. Let’s spice things up and bring back the good vibes!

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