Virtual CFO

Virtual CFO Services

Improve the performance and profitability of your business with a Virtual Chief Financial Officer (Virtual CFO).
If your business seems to be doing well on the surface but you’re struggling to turn a profit, then you could benefit from a Virtual CFO.

A CFO is a financial expert who can help you keep on top of your business finances and improve your cash flow and profitability. All big, successful corporations have a CFO but this level of expertise is normally beyond the reach of smaller businesses (at least until now).

With a Virtual CFO from East Partners, you can enjoy all the benefits of an experienced CFO for an affordable fixed monthly fee.

Your Virtual CFO package includes:

  • Implementation of Xero accounting system
    • We’ll set your business up on Xero, create links directly to your bank account and provide all training and software support
  • GST lodgments
    • Your activity statements will be prepared by professionals
  • End of year accounting
    • Your year end financial statements will be prepared and filed accurately and on time
  • Tax planning
    • Preparing for tax liabilities enables you to plan and save for it
  • Business analysis
    • Provides a benchmark from which to measure actual results and identifies areas for improvement
  • Strategic planning
    • We work with you to set goals and provide a strategic plan and direction for your business
  • Board reporting and meetings
    • We’ll monitor your performance and meet with you either monthly or quarterly with you and your managers/key stakeholders to address profit and cash flow improvement
  • Unlimited support
    • We’ll enjoy unlimited telephone and email support