These are unprecedented times to be in business

No doubt a lot of important and stressful things are occupying your mind right now. And I’m sure that you have been hit with emails and text messages from nearly every business you have dealt with over the last ten years telling you about their response to Covid-19.  If you are like me, you are probably totally over it.

So that you know, it is business at usual at East Partners.  If you want to come in, you are always welcome to do so.  My Mum taught me to wash my hands at a kid and strangely enough, I still do this, pandemic or not (although if you would still rather not shake hands, I’m certainly not offended)!

But if this is all a bit much right now and you would rather drop your papers in and run, then that’s fine too.

The phone is a great way to keep in touch so please give us a call with any questions you have.

If you are tech-minded, then I’m always happy to do a Skype or Zoom meeting.  Lots of our regional and interstate clients already do this so that’s another option for you.

We are still here and ready to help in whatever format that works for you.  Yes, these are difficult and in many ways, unprecedented times but we have to retain perspective.  Humans are social creatures and need social interaction so we look forward to continuing our conversation with you in whatever way you prefer.