The purpose of an Organisation Chart

Your Organisation Chart forms the spine of your business; it holds the business upright and provides the link between the shareholders and business activities. If the brain is the shareholders, the ideas from the brain filter down through the spine to the arms and legs to implement what the brain wants.

The purpose of an Organisation Chart is to:

  1. Give clarity over how the business works to serve the needs of the shareholders.
  2. Ensure the business is adequately resourced by people.
  3. Provide clear accountability – who is responsible for what.
  4. Show how the departments and positions interact.
  5. Ensure the business can deliver on its Strategic Plan.

A clear Organisation Chart identifies the 10 departments in your business and their functions, as well as the key responsibilities and who is responsible for them.

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“Let systems run the business and people run the systems. People come and go but the systems remain constant.” – Michael Gerber