Specialist Medical

We Help Specialist & Medical Practices To Grow

As a medical specialist, you face many complex tax and regulatory requirements.  And because of these, you need an accountant that not only understands these but has the skill and knowledge to guide and assist you.

But how do you know which accountant is right for you?

Many of the medical specialists that we work with, be they doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, psychiatrists and various allied health specialists have told us of the problems they experienced with their previous advisers…poor quality of work, unresponsive service, bad advice, poor communication, unexpected charges, general apathy, disinterest and simply not being proactive enough.

And we know from these conversations that one of the main reasons they chose us was because of our simple promise and guarantee…

Our promise is…

  • First, all our work is always done to high professional standards and undergoes rigorous checking and review.
  • Second, we guarantee to respond to all of your phone calls and emails in a prompt and timely manner.
  • Third, our advice is always honest, professional and in your best interests. We don’t give bad advice.
  • Fourth, we will always notify you of anything we think is of interest to your business or circumstances.
  • Fifth all of our fees are quoted and agreed in advance. There will never be any unexpected charges.
  • And last, as for general apathy, disinterest and not being proactive enough, our clients ARE our business. Without happy clients we don’t have a business, therefore our focus is always on you… 100%.

Just like you provide tailored advice to your patients, our advice to you is suited to your specific circumstances.  Whether you are planning on opening or operating a private practice, are consulting or an employee, our team of specialist advisers can provide you with strategies to improve your cash flow, grow your practice, protect your assets, minimise your tax and build your wealth.

With clients all over Australia, you too can benefit from making smart financial and business decisions by working with our talented team that understands the complexities and nuances of the medical industry.

So if you want an accountant who can play an active role to ensure you run a better, more efficient and effective business… then we’d like to help.