Making the most of negative gearing

Negative gearing is a common strategy adopted by persons wishing to build their long term wealth in a tax effective manner.  In recent years, negative gearing has become more prevalent through the advent of record low interest rates and in some parts of the country, increasing values of property.

Whilst it can be an excellent wealth building tool, it does have restrictions and risks if not used properly.  In our experience, we find plenty of people that refer to it as a great topic to discuss around the BBQ but when quizzed, find the key elements often misunderstood.

Our eBook on Negative Gearing aims to clarify the topic and remove some of the common misconceptions around borrowing for investment purposes.

This month, we are offering the eBook for free which you can access here.   We look forward to your thoughts and questions and welcome the opportunity to meet with you to see whether this strategy could work in your long term wealth creation plans.