How to engage co-drivers

Remember back to those New Year’s resolutions – who said they had someone to hold them accountable for what they committed to do?  What are the consequences for you if you don’t do what you say you will do?  Do you have a soft or a hard coach?

Now think about when you were at school and had homework to do – if you had a deadline were you more likely to do it?  What happened at school if you didn’t do your homework?  That’s right, there were consequences.  So why do we believe that things should be different at work?

Remember The Five A’s of Change?  One of them was accountability.  You simply MUST have someone hold you accountable to your actions or they will be like optional homework – they won’t get done.

This person must be independent.  Do you think having your spouse as a coach will work?

Having your spouse as your coach usually does not work.  Firstly, it’s too soft.  Your partner is there to cherish and support you.  Secondly, your personal relationship can be at stake.  It’s generally a lose-lose.

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