Cost reduction tactics for small business

Cutting costs can be a quick and easy way to improve the profitability of your business.  Introducing cost-control measures can bring immediate savings and ensure you remain profitable in the long term.

It’s important that cost-control measures are carefully managed.  Eliminating errant expenses is clearly beneficial but indiscriminate cost cutting could lead to a drop in quality or poor morale if staff fear being made redundant or are not given the tools they need to do their job efficiently.

The risk is heavily reduced by identifying where you can safely trim costs, setting clear cost-reduction targets and researching any cost saving initiatives before making changes to your business.

The first step towards reducing costs is identifying your major cost centres.  They are likely to include production, purchasing, sales & marketing, financing, administration and facilities maintenance.

You might find it is difficult to anticipate savings without actually implementing new systems and processes.  Remember that any changes you make don’t need to be permanent.  Trial new ideas and measure their impact on costs to see is there are real savings achieved.

You might also be surprised to find that significant savings can be made without having to worry about your quality and performance being affected.  Eliminating unnecessary costs, improving efficiency and reducing travel time are several options available.

Identifying major cost centres can allow you to investigate potential ways to save money by changing existing processes.  This requires deeper analysis and careful planning to ensure that potential damage to your core business activities is avoided.

It is important to be aware that activities undertaken to reduce costs can have a negative effect so you need to be sure that any changes made will not compromise your operational performance.