How to give your SME a health check

The beginning of a new financial year is a great time to perform a health check on your small business to identify any problems and ensure all of your systems and procedures are working optimally.  However, if you still have this on your “to do” list, now is a good a time as any to get it done! The costs of not doing such health check can be high. There…  Read more

Access to finance and funding your growth

Looking to fund the next stage in your growth? We’ll help you kick your financials into shape and get access to the right finance for your business.  You might have self-funded the early days of your business, but to expand, grow and scale you need access to the right level of outside funding. But how can you access this finance, and how do you impress your potential private investors and…  Read more

Teaching kids about money

Every parent or grandparent has the same worry: will our young ones manage their money properly when they grow up? Australians’ median wealth is the highest in the world. So, a young Australian can look forward to having access to more material resources than their counterparts in every other country. If they can manage this money well, their life will be much easier. Here are our top 7 tips to…  Read more

What is a Defensive Asset?

As we wrote last week, investment assets are usually divided into one of two types: growth or defensive. Last week we discussed growth investments. This week, let’s look at the other kind. As the name suggests, defensive investments are used to preserve existing wealth. The aim isn’t to make money so much as to not lose it. Whereas property and share investments form the bulk of the growth investment class,…  Read more

What is a Growth Investment?

You have probably heard the terms ‘growth investments’ and ‘defensive investments’. What do they mean, exactly? All investments are divided into one or the other of these two categories. A growth investment is one that is expected to grow in value over time. People purchase growth investments in the hope that doing so will increase their wealth in the medium to long-term. Common types of growth investment include shares and…  Read more

When to review or update a Will

Many clients complete a Will and then fail to revisit it for years, and it is concerning that some never do. However, an estate plan is not static; it cannot be set and then forgotten about. It is not difficult, or necessarily expensive to change a Will – it can be amended, modified, updated or even revoked at any time which we will see in the scenarios below. For example,…  Read more

End of Financial Year Checklist

There are just a few more sleeps before the end of the financial year. We know, financial advisers are the only people who get excited about that. But you should too. So, while there’s not a lot of time, there is some time. Here is our to-do list of essential items to tick off before June 30. Many of these things have bits that need to be ticked off. So, we encourage…  Read more

Co-Contributions. You can get something for nothing!

If you have a spare $1000, you might consider making an extra contribution to your super fund. If your income is otherwise low, the Commonwealth government will give you up to an extra $500. This policy, which has been around for a long time, encourages people with low incomes to save for their own retirement. The most efficient way to save for retirement is to use superannuation. But putting extra…  Read more

All about Trauma Cover

Many people think that life insurances are limited to death cover, total and permanent disability cover and income protection cover. But there is a fourth kind of life insurance that is often overlooked – but that can be very useful in certain circumstances. You may have heard of trauma cover. As the name suggests, trauma cover is a form of insurance under which you receive a benefit if a specified trauma…  Read more

Insurance. Who needs it?

There are many different types of life insurance. One of the most common questions we are asked is ‘who needs what’ kind of cover. In this article, we will examine each of the major types of life insurance and give our opinion as to who needs to take out this form of cover. Death cover As the name suggests, death cover is an insurance policy that pays an amount of…  Read more

Franking credits

Most investors have heard the term ‘franking credits’ (sometimes known as ‘imputation credits’). But you know what the term means? A franking credit is sometimes attached to dividends that shareholders receive from companies. The credit exists where the company issuing the dividend has already paid tax on the income used to fund the dividend. Franking credits are part of Australia’s dividend imputation system. This system is designed to prevent company…  Read more

All about death cover

Today, we’re going to talk about a difficult topic. Death. While average life expectancy has almost doubled over the last 100 years, the rate of death remains the same – we get one each. So, death is something that we need to think about and we need to plan for. It is never if. It’s when. Exercise much, eat well, drink little and smoke nothing. If you do these four…  Read more

The Wealthiest People in the World

Did you know you are one of the wealthiest people on the planet? That was the finding of the 2018 Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report. Released in October, the report contains some truly staggering information. The first is that, on a per capita basis, Australian adults are either the wealthiest or the second wealthiest people on the planet – depending on which measure you use. On pure averages, the average…  Read more

What is Progressive Tax?

The Federal Budget has been and gone and, like always, tax was a big issue. You have probably heard the term ‘progressive tax.’ Australia’s personal income tax system is a progressive one. But what does that mean, exactly? Put very simply, the rate of tax paid under a progressive income tax system increases as the taxpayer’s income rises. The idea is that people who earn more income pay a higher…  Read more

Labor’s tax changes – don’t jump the gun! 

  Recently, I have heard many people advocate for either purchasing or selling property or shares based on various theories about what might happen as a result of the upcoming Federal election. I find such talk both troubling and dangerous on a number of fronts. In my view, doing anything as drastic as buying or selling assets based on tax and tax alone, is generally something that is ill-advised. This…  Read more

Government delivers “election friendly” 2019/20 Federal Budget

A surplus election budget is the news coming out of the 2019-20 Federal Budget. With superannuation left largely untouched, the Government focused on further personal income tax cuts. However, three key announcements include providing more flexibility for individuals to contribute at ages 65 and 66, the ability to choose their preferred exempt income tax method and increased funding for electronic super rollovers are welcomed. This Federal Budget will provide much…  Read more

Budgetary Policy: It’s all part of the plan

In 2019, the first Tuesday in April is financial planning’s night of nights. (Usually, the big night comes in May, but this year it has been changed as a one-off). That is the night when the Federal Government hands down its proposed budget for the coming financial year and beyond. This year, we have a first-time federal treasurer handing down the budget. That said, much of the heavy lifting of…  Read more

4 questions you should ask your accountant

Ideally, you and your accountant are more than just “adviser” and “client”. With your combined skills, expertise, and shared mission to support a thriving business, you’re more like strategic partners. The key to achieving success in any partnership is, of course, strong communication. At your next meeting, be sure to ask your accountant these four important questions. 1. What’s my best strategy for increasing revenue? Every business owner strives to…  Read more

Happy New Year

We love new years. They are a wonderful opportunity to focus our mind on sorting out our finances once and for all. No one enjoys life if they are troubled by money. So, here are some things that you should be looking at straight away to make sure the 2019 is truly a happy financial year. Superannuation One of the most boring things ever invented, superannuation is also one of…  Read more

Is managing your own super for you?

The concept of self managed superannuation is not new; there are many of these funds that have existed for over 30 years.  Today, there are over 1 million Australian’s managing their own superannuation.  The majority sight the reasons for managing their own superannuation as being  flexibility, control and cost. Like any financial decision, managing your own superannuation needs appropriate research to be undertaken, time to be allocated and knowledge to…  Read more

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