Helping Younger Generations

A good man we know is 45 years old. He is a professional, married with two teenage kids. Once or twice a week he visits his mum, a widow who lives alone in a nearby suburb. Without fail, every time he visits, he goes to the fridge and helps himself to anything there that takes his fancy. And neither he nor his mum think this is in any way unusual.…  Read more

Government delivers “election friendly” 2019/20 Federal Budget

A surplus election budget is the news coming out of the 2019-20 Federal Budget. With superannuation left largely untouched, the Government focused on further personal income tax cuts. However, three key announcements include providing more flexibility for individuals to contribute at ages 65 and 66, the ability to choose their preferred exempt income tax method and increased funding for electronic super rollovers are welcomed. This Federal Budget will provide much…  Read more

Budgetary Policy: It’s all part of the plan

In 2019, the first Tuesday in April is financial planning’s night of nights. (Usually, the big night comes in May, but this year it has been changed as a one-off). That is the night when the Federal Government hands down its proposed budget for the coming financial year and beyond. This year, we have a first-time federal treasurer handing down the budget. That said, much of the heavy lifting of…  Read more

Limiting your impulses is easier – and harder – than it used to be

Once upon a time, saving money was easy. Technology – actually, it’s absence – made life easier. Consider advice typically given to compulsive spenders in the pre-Internet age: take your credit card and place it in a plastic cup full of water. Then, store the whole package in your freezer. The idea was that if you have an impulse to buy something using your credit card, you had to wait…  Read more

Charitable donations may be tax deductible – here’s what you need to know

Donating to charity not only supports the vital work of an organisation but also has positive side-effects when claiming tax deductions. Donating to charity not only supports the vital work of an organisation or group, but it can have positive side-effects when it comes to claiming tax deductions. To be eligible for a tax credit, you need to make sure that your contributions meet certain conditions, and that you’re making…  Read more

5 key steps to an effective website for your business

89% of customers begin their purchase with an internet search. Your website should reflect your unique value and deliver an exceptional user experience. Never stop improving and optimising it for your audience. 89% of customers begin their purchase with an internet search. It’s never been more vital for your business to have an effective website. We’ve identified five key steps that will help you to build a site that’s effective,…  Read more

Recent tax changes for Australian small businesses

Are you across the recent tax changes for small business? Two recent updates may be relevant for your small business. Talk to us about your small business tax. We keep up with tax news, so you don’t have to! The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has recently announced some updates and changes which could be relevant for your small business. Changes to the instant asset write-off threshold The $20,000 instant asset…  Read more

What to consider when you’re buying an investment property

The old saying ‘safe as houses’ is only true if you do your due diligence. Before you invest in property, do your research and understand your costs. Talk to us, we can help.  Keen to get into the property market as an investor? Before you start looking, you need to understand that what you’re looking for in a house, that you would occupy, might be different to an investment property.…  Read more

6 ways to measure the health of your business

Taking stock of the health of your business allows for more effective planning, early warning about issues, and the chance to better chart a course for success. We can help assess your business health, to set you on the right track. When you’re running a business, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day activity and lose sight of the big picture. Taking stock of the health of your…  Read more

4 questions you should ask your accountant

Ideally, you and your accountant are more than just “adviser” and “client”. With your combined skills, expertise, and shared mission to support a thriving business, you’re more like strategic partners. The key to achieving success in any partnership is, of course, strong communication. At your next meeting, be sure to ask your accountant these four important questions. 1. What’s my best strategy for increasing revenue? Every business owner strives to…  Read more

Don’t stress about your work/life balance

Don’t stress about your work life balance, it doesn’t mean what you think it means – a little stress can actually be good for you as long as you keep it in bounds.  Trying to get perfect the work/life balance can be a cause of stress in itself. If you are feeling the strain of building your business and maintaining your life the good news is that stress and a…  Read more

How to make your out-of-office message work harder

Heading on holiday? Don’t forget to set up your out-of-office message. And once you’ve included the essential information, think about including a link to your newsletter landing page, some humour or a link to a useful guide. It’s probably the last thing you do before you head out of the office to enjoy your holiday, but here’s why you should take some time to create your out-of-office message. There are…  Read more

Tips on holiday cashflow for your small business

Leading up to the holiday period, is your business cash flow in good health to carry you through? This time of year can be hard on small business. Make a plan early to ensure healthy cashflow over the holidays. Whether you’re heading into a holiday period, or just planning to take a break (and congratulations, because a healthy business means work-life balance), it’s important to keep your cashflow under control.…  Read more

Happy New Year

We love new years. They are a wonderful opportunity to focus our mind on sorting out our finances once and for all. No one enjoys life if they are troubled by money. So, here are some things that you should be looking at straight away to make sure the 2019 is truly a happy financial year. Superannuation One of the most boring things ever invented, superannuation is also one of…  Read more

Stay calm. This was all part of our plan.

We told you so. In case you haven’t noticed, prices in the sharemarket have fallen off a bit of a cliff this week. The ASX 200 opened on Monday at around 6100 points. By lunchtime Tuesday it had fallen to 5830 points. This is about a 5% reduction – pretty nasty in just one and a half days of trading. So what’s all this about ‘we told you so?’ Well,…  Read more

Extra help when a child is disabled

Do you have, or do any of your friends or family have, a disabled child? Is that parent self-employed? If so, please read on or send this article to your loved one. Self-employed people can often distribute income to members of their family. By spreading the same amount of income across more than one taxpayer, the total amount of tax paid is reduced. However, distributions can generally only be made…  Read more

Happy (belated) Birthday Low Interest Rates

A very unusual thing happened earlier during August this year. Our historically low interest rates enjoyed their second birthday. That’s right: the Reserve Bank of Australia (‘RBA’) has now left interest rates unchanged since August 2016. The smart money is betting that a third birthday is almost a certainty. Tuesday is not just a day for half-price movie tickets. On the first Tuesday of each month, the nightly news always…  Read more

What happens to your super when you don’t need it any more?

Organised your will? Yep. Organised a binding death benefit nomination for your super? What’s that? Your super benefits are not automatically subject to your will. That is because your super benefits are held in trust. That means you are not the legal owner of the benefits – the legal owner is the trustee of the fund.  This means that, when you die, the trustees may pay your remaining benefits to either your…  Read more

My Everything is Better than your Everything!

We all know them. People who buy homes because they like the furniture. In fact, the link between furnishings and house prices is so strong that there are professional businesses who rent furniture the people who are selling their house. Good furniture sells houses.   The idea of renting furniture is to encourage people to see themselves living in the house. This gives them a sense of ownership of that…  Read more

The pension is not a plan

In December 2017, the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (‘OECD’) released its biannual report into social security systems. The report, titled ‘Pensions at a Glance’ contains some worrying findings for us here in Australia. One particular statistic stands out like the proverbials: 26% of Australians aged over 65 live below the poverty line. Of all the OECD countries, only Latvia and Korea have a higher rate of poverty in…  Read more

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